The impact of warm Listening Ears

Wolf 300300TRSPHow much energy is lost by a group, if you only forget to listen to one voice.’ That is what resonates immediately with the twenty young mental health care professionals sitting around an imaginary Central Fire.

Although it takes only two minutes of reflection, to have a whole range of other insights pop up. ‘What kind of people do we want to become? I like it when they ask themselves that question. It is a question we have too’. ‘It speaks to my heart’. ‘How they include all voices.’ ‘

It is Who Speaks For Wolf, that they just listened to. A Learning Story from a 10.000 year old wisdom tradition.

What surprises the group most after some more reflecting is how much they learn from each other after just twenty minutes of listening.

“Wisdom may seem hidden as if under cover of snow, so that it needs only the warmth of our listening ears to make itself apparent.”

Interesting? You can listen to this story with your group or team too. Only requires a call to set a date. 0031-06-43876188

Paula Underwood, dedicated her life to sharing this and other indigenous wisdom to ‘all listening ears.’  Sharing The Learning Way is her gift to all living beings.  At 7th Generation Labs, we are fortunate to have received her guidance on how to share on her behalf.


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