Grandmother Wisdom

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The second half of life is a traditional time for realigning your life – old enough for your children to be grown, young enough to still be active.


In Paula Underwoods tradition, most women spent the first half of their life raising their children, gathering Grandmother Wisdom as they go.


In the second half, they take responsibility for the well-being of their community. As do some men.  They begin applying their Grandmother Wisdom to the needs of the community.


Likewise in western cultures, women and men often hear this calling in this phase of their lives. Feel they need to do something for the Good of All. For Earth.


Being unprepared, untrained in understanding Grandmother Wisdom, answering this call in western society is a challenge.


For it requires Listening Ears and Careful Eyes.


Paula believes we can grow into these responsibilities by learning our way into the future together – weaving Old and New Eyes wisdom to create a world that works for all beings.


All can learn to nurture a community


For Nurturance it is. And it needs to be gathered for Body, for Mind, and for Spirit – – and presented to the People at times and in ways they can accept.  Truly a task requiring Wisdom.


Care for the Body

Respect for the Mind

Nurturance for the Spirit


No one can be expected to take on this responsibility alone, so we are gathering those who feel the calling.