3.1 NIEUW zwaluw bestand GRIJS

Health Care professionals that work together with effect and a smile.

By adding simple and often fun structures to all the aspects of their cooperation.  Structured listening to one another.

Empty Cup offers five life skills How to structure the meeting of this group? How to brainstorm? How to select unanimously what of all the ideas are best? How to improve those best ideas? And how to exchange on all these topics ion a way that you get heard.

Teams gain because every voice gets heard. Their 30% introvert colleages are now listened to. The fast, loud and lengthy speakers are nudged to listen and focus their contribution. Because meetings start with the question: what do you need to leave this meeting with result and a smile?

I am Odette Bovenberg. Over many years I have collected listening and communication methods.  It is a unique combination of old learning stories, modern listening methods and empathy based consulting. They cover all the elements of achieving results as a group. They are easy to learn. People immediately feel and experience that it is useful and effective. I wish I had been taught those skills very early in life. You might also call them life-skills. For they work at the dinnertable as well.

They fit in one hand. Every method can be summarised on a postcard. These reference cards show you simply how to stay focused.

They increase respect and appreciation at the workfloor. They aim for a win-win-win. In Empty Cup I offer these skills to teams. In an Incompany project, all skills are offered. In a team-training one or more of these skills are more deeply trained. In a 1:1 session or training professionals can speed up the learning curve.

The listening/communication nuggets I offer are not original to me. Yet I have made them my own. Use and share them in my unique way.

Empty Cup stands, respectfully, on the shoulders of those who initiated these ideas. One of my inspirations is Non Violent Communication. Developed by Marshall Rosenberg. His focus on sharing how you feel and what it is you need is a precious gift. I cherish the many trainingdays, mastering ‘the trick’ and learn how to simply teach it to others.

Marie Miyashiro’s ‘the Empathy Factor’ is another inspiration. Her structured way of enabling teams to become better version of themselves via empathy is a treasure. I value deeply the courses where in detail I learned how she puts her filosophy into action.

Paula Underwood inspires for other reasons. She has shared timeless wisdom from Native American people. Her writings about sharing information, value each contribution and making decisions as a group, are of great value for teams today. I love her work deeply. The Learning stories. The Medicine Wheels. Her words reach Heart, Mind and Spirit. After over 10 years of study and talking to others who learned directly from her, I feel encouraged to work with the ‘dances of words on paper’ that she left. She writes For All Ears Willing to Hear.

Other than collecting nuggets, I like to walk. Two small dogs following my tail. Or I follow them. We prefer the Rotterdam delta. At fifty-something I was the oldest intern in the Rotterdam restaurant kitchen of Spirit. A large vegetarian restaurant. So serious cooking and starting something new suit me.It is small things I cherish. Like my friend Teresa Riordan checking the English page on this website.


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